Clippy on your website

In this article I talk about how you can put Clippy on your website and hisĀ friends Merlin, Rover and Links. A few developers built Clippy.js a year ago for the fun of it. Now it is back in the form of a JavaScript library, Clippy.js.

What is Clippy? Clippy was a Microsoft Agent (AKA Clippy and friends), a technology used by Microsoft. The highly annoying paperclip virtual assistant popped up in versions of Microsoft Office from 1997 to 2oo3. Clippy was hated by many users since it interfered with daily tasks on the computer, and it was eventually killed off.

Clippy.js is a full Javascript implementation of Clippy.

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You can download the javascript and other files from:


This page also shows you how to setup Clippy or any of the other agents (Merlin, Rover, Links).
There’s lots of animations you can choose from, Clippy has the most animations of the 4 available characters.

Clippy and his friends

Clippy and his friends