Vision of the future personal assistant

I will share my vision of the future personal assistant with you. I imagine that in the future we will have real personal assistants. Software that doesn’t exist yet. Software so powerful, that it can think of it’s own, act like a human. It would run on your smartphone, or pc, talk to you, understand you. If you would chat with it using a chat client, you wouldn’t know if you were talking to a program or a human being. Like the Apple Siri app on steroids.

Imagine you have an app on your smartphone that has it’s own personality and intelligence. It can talk to you, listen to you, understand you. Give you advice. Look up things for you. Help you with your homework. Book tickets. You would have real conversations with it. You could see a representation of it in a virtual world, undistinguishable from a human. Like in a movie, a MMORPG like world, with photo-realistic environments. Maybe at that time there is one universal virtual world, just like Second Life. You could have heroic adventures with it there. Heck, it could even have adventures of it’s own and tell you about it.

Imagine that you could adapt the personality, tweak it. Or back it up in its current form. Have different versions of it. It could behave like a friend. It would seem like it had emotions, even though they would be artificial.

What would happen if the program would be destroyed? Would you mourn over it? I’m sure you will. Even right now people have a tendency to develop relationships with characters from a movie or a tv serie: Study shows viewers develop relationship with TV characters.

Would it be loyal to you? Would it be servile or not? What if you had an argument? Would you lose your wife because you become more attached to your female personal assistant than her? Will people fall in love with their personal assistant? Or the other way around?

Would your own memory become weaker and weaker because your personal assistant functions as your photographic memory?

What religion will it have? If a program would be really intelligent (like the singularity), would it compute by itself that there must be a God? Except it wouldn’t have a spirit and a soul.

Who would program the characters of these personal assistants?

I think early versions of these personal assistants will be like new “killer apps”. Everybody will buy the latest and greatest version.

Microsoft Personal Assistant Chris 2035
300 digital world currency **
It’s servile, can navigate you through any city, give you a city tour, buy tickets when you need them.
It’s available in 18 out-of-the box personalities, 6 male, 6 female, 6 neuter. If you don’t like the default personalities, you can tweak them anyway you like. To match your own personality or something totally different. You can have one different personality on each device. It’s extensible through the use of add-ons using MS PA-XML (Microsoft Personal Assistant XML) or OPA-XML (Open Personal Assistant XML, an ISO standard).
iMarvel 6, the Apple Personal Assistant
600 digital world currency
It’s different, it’s spiritual, intelligent, magical, it will enhance you in every possible way. It will not be servile but will behave like a real personality. It can do things you wouldn’t have thought possible. It’s visual representation in the universal virtual world will be gorgeous, like a true human being. It syncs to all your devices through iCloud.
It’s available in 2 predefined personalities, Adam (male), Eve (female). They are the perfect personal assistants, no tweaking or add-ons needed.
Google Personal Assistent
100 digital world currency
It’s smarter than all your university professors combined, it will teach you anything you want! It’s always online and it will answer all your questions, help you with your homework, act like a translator. You speak any language to it, it will translate into any other language fluently, be it english, finnish or arabic or any local dialect. You can personalize it with your Google account. It’s extensible through the use of add-ons using OPA-XML (Open Personal Assistant XML), GPA-XML (Google Personal Assistant XML). There is a conversion tool for converting OPA-XML to GPA-XML and vice versa, but this is currently in the beta stage.

** Just an aside, but I believe the current monetary system, based on leverage, debt, artificially created money is unsustainable, we will have a new system soon, a world wide currency perhaps

If there’s a bug in the software, will it display psychopathic tendencies?
What if someone would hack it? Would it get strange character flaws, act as if it is demonized? Would you have personal-assistant-exorcists? Will there be people like private detectives who could let you personal assistant spy on you?

Feasible? I think it sure is once quantum chips can be shrunk to the size of smartphones. It looks like the first “quantum-like” computers are upon us already….
Google’s Quantum Computer Proven To Be Real Thing (Almost)